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As winter succinctly announces its arrival mountain bikers in Montana race out to enjoy the fading warmth before it’s gone. They call autumn the “harbinger” of deep coldness coming.

A breeding ground and longtime water supply for peninsular bighorn sheep with long ties to the Cahuilla ancestral land, this iconic SoCal celebrity town of Palm Springs hosts one of the most famous IMBA Epic rides in the U.S.

Friends make friends do silly things, like learning how to jump bikes, or do no-handed tricks and follow it all up with dance parties. This is a story not only about how to dance, but how to catch big air along the way.

Baja Sur isn’t about going fast, it’s about taking in choice singletrack at a tourist pace with extraordinary sunset views and cold cervezas in the evening. This summer destination might arguably have better mountain biking than surfing.


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Profile: Liz Sampey
As a professional adventure racer, Doctor of Physical Therapy and mountain bike coach who lives out of her van, Liz Sampey is a true adventure junkie.

Chain of Fools: 54 mph
Before gravel was officially a thing, tackling beat-up roads was still all about speed even on skinny tires and steel frames with sketchy brakes.

Trail Anatomy: Canton, North Carolina
A local YouTube content creator turned to his substantial fan base to help make a dream bike park become reality.

Outlaws: Cars-R-Coffins
Thomas Everson, also known as Hurl Everstone, never played by the rules and the bike industry is better off because of it. He’s the perfect lifelong cycling outlaw.

Tested: Kona Process 153 DL

Tested: Spot Mayhem 150

Tested: Sage Powerline

Wrenched: Rubber Compounds Demystified
We take a close look into the complex world of mountain bike tire compounds through discussions with multiple design professionals. It might be simpler than it seems.


Framebuilder: Goodday Bikeworks
Goodday’s founder creates mountain bikes with a vintage flair. When his girlfriend couldn’t find the perfect frame bag the couple created a unique collaboration.

Tailwind: Band Hand
Sometimes you have to deal with the hand you’re delt. In this case rider and professional photographer Devon Balet struggles to overcome a life changing wrist injury.


On the cover: As forest fires raged throughout the Pacific Northwest smoke hung thick in the air for weeks at a time. Yet sometimes, you have to take the conditions you’re given. Dane Scott does just that as he “guinea pigs” the Darkhorse course at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. [Photo] Bruno Long

Department contents: Holger Meyer and Karen Eller giving it one last late evening push in Italy’s Aosta Valley before descending to Rifugio Bertone where dinner and a comfy bed awaits. [Photo] Mattias Fredriksson

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