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If ever there was an issue that defines Mountain Flyer’s tagline “The Mountain Bike Journal,” this is it. Issue No. 67 is brimming with insightful, powerful stories, essays, reviews and interviews to sustain and inspire you through this winter’s hibernation. Beloved photographer Antonio Abreu keeps us dreaming with “The Birthplace of Pura Vida,” a photo essay spotlighting the trails, community and “pure life” philosophy of Costa Rica. In the feature “Hut to Hut in the Pine Tree State,” photojournalist Dana Allen bikepacks the Maine Huts & Trails network, proving that you don’t need to hop a flight to Europe to experience luxurious hut life. There should be no set definition of what it means to be a mountain biker, and Amos Horn’s story “Mountain Biking Adapts” shows how adaptive athletes are working with nonprofits, trailbuilders and specialized bike manufacturers to ensure trails are accessible to everyone. Finally, if you’re in need of a new domestic destination, consider Aaron Theisen’s pitch for Boise, Idaho, where trail magic in the foothills—along with residents’ support to preserve open space—has earned the area an IMBA Gold designation.


Profile: Pedal 2 The People
Rachel Olzer and Eric Arce create a home for cyclists who identify as Black, Indigenous and people of color to tell their own stories.

Trail Anatomy: Downhill Progression in Tennessee
Walden Ridge Park will be Chattanooga’s first bike park…and it’s just 10 minutes from downtown.

Chain of Fools: Just Say Hi
Whitney James tells mountain bikers to put streamers in their spokes and share the love…or at least greet each other with a smile on the trail.

Of Bikes and Beer: Avery Brewing Pacer IPA 
Like Avery Brewing’s low-calorie, low-carb Pacer IPA, summiting (and descending) Colorado’s highest peak via bike are best taken slowly.

Effecting Change: Slopes to Singletrack
As more trail systems come online at ski areas and local networks, National Ski Patrol members are adding mountain bike patroller to their resumes.

Tested: Rocky Mountain Slayer Carbon 90 27.5, Banshee Phantom V3 and Trek Supercaliber 9.8

Framebuilder: Chumba USA
Passion, knowledge, a tight-knit family feel and a touch of serendipity come together in every Chumba USA frame.

Wrenched: Fox 38 Fork

Tailwind: Trailside Chef
Kena Peay proves there’s always a tasty reason to pack a stove on singletrack outings.


[On The Cover] At Hartman Rocks in Gunnison, Colorado, Nate Hills finds a hidden line. [Photo] Dave Kozlowski

[Feature Contents] Tara Llanes leads the way for adaptive athletes on Bobsled Trail on Mt. Fromme, North Vancouver, British Columbia. [Photo] Niall Pinder

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