Kronicle Magazine Issue 1 | Winter 2012

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Josh Dirksen: Known/Unknown
Insightful times with Dirksen, including his plans for the biggest pow turn ever, and where he learned to tolerate suffering on epic backcountry missions.

Split the Olympics
Kronicle visits the Mervin Factory, makes a couple splitboards, and goes riding with Temple Cummins, Pete Saari and crew in Olympic National Park.

Life Lessons in Japan's Alps
Kronicle photo editor Seth Lightcap soaks in Japan's burgeoning backcountry culture, traveling with local riders from sacred shrines to all-time lines.

Photo Gallery
Heavy. Hitters. Simply the best backcountry shred photos you've ever seen.


Luca Pandolfi's Big Mountain Dreams
Kronicle correspondent Trey Cook goes deep with the hard-hitting Italian who's riding some of the hairiest lines on the planet.

Laura Hadar's South America Survival Guide
From selling the clothes off your back to eating the world's dankest ice cream, Hadar dishes on all the Southern Hemi's Do's and Don'ts.

Primal Pow
Surfing powder takes on new meaning as fresh board shapes emerge, bindings disappear, and riders make waves in new terrain.

Catch a Cheetah
Dave Basterrechea, owner of Cheetah Factory Racing and Get Pow Distribution, talks about the growth of backcountry, his business, and snowmobiling out to B.C.'s big lines.

Eagle Pass Heli: Mashing in the Monashees
Here you can ride the lines you see in the movies. Dustin Craven scored so much pow it made him "sick."

Get the Boot
These boots are made for walking: we highlight three resorts where the bootpack-access bc is off the hook.

Klassic Lines
Kronicle offers a stone-studded collection of the most badass lines ever. Issue 1: Mt. Superior's South Face


Artist Profile: Adam Haynes
The man behind Temple Cummins's Billy Goat graphics is a splitboarder himself. Haynes' artwork is inspired by the mountains.

Airbag Packs for Snowboarders
The backcountry is a fickle beast, and airbag packs add another layer of safety in case of an avalanche. We report on which ones work best for riders.

Rigged: Fix your floppy skins
If your splitboard skins won't stick, you're screwed. Take these tips and tricks with you into the mountains.

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