Cross Country Skier 2024 Photo Annual

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Photo Annual
We showcase the images that inspire us, from photographers with whom we love to work. Whether a snow-blanketed landscape or skiers in the throes of giving it their all, these photos capture the breadth and spirit of Nordic skiing. Bonus: See the winning entries from our recent photo contest.

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The Birkie at 50
There’s no better-known ski race in the U.S. than the American Birkebeiner. To commemorate the event’s 50th anniversary this February, we compiled an oral history, with insights from those who competed or were involved in the race from the first running, with 35 skiers, to today’s field, capped at 7,500 racers.

Page 74
Trail Heroes
We enjoy the products of their work every time we set ski to a groomed trail, but the men and women piloting those grooming machines are the unsung heroes of cross country skiing. Here, we pay tribute to six of them who have exceptional skills and unwaver- ing passion for their craft.



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Editor’s Note
Power of Community

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Wax Box

Page 16
Tom Weaver learns to like speed, Rebecca Weiss skis among giants and Hansi Johnson finds satisfaction in slowing down.



Page 22
Air Time
Thanks to a partnership between U.S. Ski and Snowboard and Textronic Aviation, athletes can take advantage of scholarships to earn a private pilot license. Four Nordic skiers have been spreading their wings.

Page 24
Ice Is Nice
More and more recreation enthusiasts are discovering a hybrid of cross country skiing and ice skating that lets you zoom across lakes and rivers.

Page 28
Scholar Biathletes
In March, U.S. Biathlon will hold its inaugural Collegiate National Championships.

Page 30
Overland: The Snows of Yesteryear
When conditions are just right, skiing at the Grand Canyon reveals a magical landscape.


Page 36
Ski In, Ski Out
Jackson, New Hampshire, is a true ski town, with more than 100 kilometers of Nordic trails that weave through and around the picturesque village.


Page 82
Inside Line
Think like a cat to improve your V2; a step-by-step guide to self-coaching.

Page 94
Former U.S. Ski Teamers Sophie Caldwell Hamilton and Simi Hamilton settle into life postracing at their home in Colorado.

Page 96
“Snowflake” Bentley made it his life’s work to photograph and study snow crystals, revealing their infinite variety.

Page 99
Photo Finish
A colorful collage of Birkie posters from 50 years of races.

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