Backcountry Magazine November 2013 - The On Location Issue

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Vermont, Washington and Utah. Three states, out of 50, that are the most important, relevant and progressive backcountry skiing and riding regions in the U.S. Whether it's hush-hush glade cutting in Vermont, Seattle's place as America's best ski town, or the birth of the Dawn Patrol in the Wasatch, the story lines depicted in this issue reflect the places where the sport is growing fastest. Also inside, Canadian correspondent Ryan Stuart dodges dog shit near the Alaska-Yukon border, Sven Brunso and Grant Gunderson go deep into Japan's bc, and Sun Valley Trekking sees the silver lining in the ashes of Idaho's Beaver Creek Wildfire.


State Lines
If you look at where backcountry is booming, no one state is more important than any other. Yet Vermont, Washington and Utah stand out among all other mountain states for the way in which their backcountry scenes have changed over the last decade or so. To get an inside look at Vermont, Washington and Utah and their changing backcountry cultures, we went deep across state lines and report back beginning on p. 65.

Dog Is My Copilot
In 2012, Iditarod musher Marcelle Fressineau and French ski guide Claude Vallier brought together their passions to offer one unique experience: backcountry skiing by dog sled. Last April, photographer Ryan Creary and Canadian correspondent Ryan Stuart traveled to a remote region of the St. Elias Range on the Yukon-Alaska border to combine a timeless transportation method with a more familiar one. But, as Stuart found out, each of his copilots have a penchant for speed and four lead feet.



Living on Vacation
A note from the managing editor.


State of the States
Vermont, Utah and Washington by the numbers

Backyard backcountry, skintrack stupidity and shredding your way into your 60s

Japanese Immersion
Fast trains, bottomless blower and solitude in the land of 127 million people

Fielder of Dreams
Front Range Powder Factory and the backcountry beyond

That Guy
On one leg, Vasu Sojitra rips the backcountry harder than you

Smoldering Smokies
Rising from the ashes of Idaho's

Lance's Lab
Ditch the breakfast sandwich for a leg up on your buddies

Mountain Skills
Pits save lives. So dig them. Dig?

Mountian Account
Early-season hazards

Tried and New
Shaggy skins, carbon shafts and cold Pebax

Biff America
Never forget your safe word….

Last Col
Old Guys Rule

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