Backcountry Magazine January 2013 - The Icons Issue

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Glen Plake, Xavier de Le Rue, Chris Davenport, Kit DesLauriers. What do they all have in common? They’re icons, and they shape the way we think about the mountains. In our January issue, we’re celebrating the 50 most influential living legends, from backcountry pioneers to athletes and innovators. We reached out to readers, industry veterans, friends and a few of our heroes to give props where they’re due. Also in the January issue, Devon O’Neil ponders nature versus nurture while skiing with Canada’s most-prolific big mountain skier, Eric Pehota, and his two boys, Logan and Dalton. Plus, we investigate Bolton, Vermont’s backcountry bailout, go on duty with a Montana-based backcountry ski patrol and assess this year’s crop of avalanche beacons and airbag packs.


Icons Among Us
Who matters? What person has the most influence, or is having the greatest impact on our sport? Is it an athlete or an innovator? Have they changed the reality of what's possible in the mountains? We've reached out to industry vets, readers, contributors and our own heroes to find the icons among us. They're pioneers, scientists and inventors. They're skiers and snowboarders, and they've shaped the way we see the backcountry. Find out who made the list on page 48.

Fall Line Familia
Like father, like sons. The adage holds true for the Pehota family, where Logan and Dalton, sons of Canada's most prolific big-mountain skier, are following in Dad's bootpack. Practically born on skis, the two now chase Eric down descents he and Trevor Petersen pioneered some 20 years ago. And at 17 and 16, they're only getting better. Devon O'Neil travels to the Pehota's Pemberton, B.C. home where he investigates nature versus nurture and follows the boys down puckering sidecountry chutes.

Life and Death of a Steep Skier
We all had a lot invested in "Life and Death of a Steep Skier" in the Photo Annual (Volume 18, Issue 89): It was a heartfelt and, we felt, an incredibly important story on the late steep skier Rémy Lécluse. But we left something out. Like, the last two sentences of the story. It was an unprecedented prepress screw up—even for us. So, for Rémy, his family, our conscience and, most importantly, you, we decided to suck up the additional printing costs and run it again. This time a little bigger, and a lot more complete. Thanks for understanding.


The inspiration and the inspired

Editor's Note
The heroes among us

Icons, avalanches and a whole lot of pot

Our readers bang on

Backward Backcountry

Biff America
Biff gets inspired

Redcoats Invade Montana Backcountry
On duty with Missoula, Montana's Five Valleys Backcountry Ski Patrol

Romeo Honored
Dynafit launches a Steve Romeo tribute ski

Backcountry for Sale
Skiers rally to buy 1,000 acres of popular backcountry land

Puff, Puff, Pow
The people have spoken, and Colorado has legalized pot

Snap, Crackle, Pop
The beta behind why avalanches happen—and what you can do to not get caught

Lance's Lab
Lance's LabHome-modified kid's gear

Mountain Account
Lance's LabHome-modified kid's gearSelkirk Trauma: Broken ribs in B.C.

SpectacleThe icons take their turn in front of the camera

Beacons and Bags
Testing this year's crop of avalanche beacons and safety packs

Tried & New
Tried & NewKicks: The editor's stinky gear

Back Page
Avalanche Poodle facepalm

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