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$47.95 USD
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PoleClinometer™: The Ski Pole Inclinometer Sticker
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About the PoleClinometer™:


How Steep Is It?
Knowing slope angle is a critical factor in assessing avalanche hazard.  PoleClinometer is the quickest/easiest way to get accurate “on the go” slope angle measurements.  It’s a sticker you put on your ski pole that lets you measure slope angle by line-of-sight.

Works With Your Poles
PoleClinometer will fit the vast majority of ski poles available today.  There are some exceptions, so you might check the fit page just to be certain, but odds are it’ll work with what you have.

Ultra-Durable & Made To Last
Go ahead, beat the crap out of your gear.  PoleClinometer can take it.  Its burly crystal clear “heat-shrink” over-wrap sleeve protects the sticker and makes it uber-tough.  Both the over-wrap and the sticker itself are waterproof and UV-resistant.  Don’t be surprised if your PoleClinometer out-lasts your ski poles!

More Than Just a Sticker

The complete installation kit includes:

  •     PoleClinometer Stickers
  •     (three sizes to fit all standard pole shaft diameters)
  •     Clear Protective Skin for rugged durability
  •     Alcohol Wipes for surface prep
  •     Optional DANG-A-LOOP bungee
  •     Easy-to-Follow Instructions for installation and use


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