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Before gravel-specific events rose to popularity in the U.S. there was Iron Cross. Now in its 23rd year, this 60-mile, grueling out and back race is no longer the only one of its kind. Yet few have come to rival this East Coast staple.

In eastern Pennsylvania, deterioration of the local steel industry left communities in need of revitalization. Today, with the help of dedicated riders, non-profit organizations and local governments, Lehigh Valley has blossomed into a cycling hub, focused not on promoting mountain bike “monoculture” but supporting trail access for everyone.

Last year Lea Davison retired from a 20-year career in World Cup XC racing. Since the age of 19, she has spent her days training and competing, with little room for much else. Now 40, Davison is ready to chase new adventures, embrace advocacy and find joy in unexpected places.

Stretching from Georgia to Newfoundland and Labrador, the Appalachian Mountains, home to diverse cultures, scenic terrain and amazing dirt, are some of the oldest on earth. From a young age Brice Shirbach felt an affinity for these ancient peaks. Experience the beauty of Appalachia in a love letter to the mountains he calls home.


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On the cover: True grit. Lea Davison pushes through pain and rain in the 2019 Val di Sole XC World Cup. [Photo] Andy Vathis

Department contents: Jake Wellner holds a no-handed track stand in front of Bethlehem Steelstacks, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. [Photo] Willow Munson

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