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Celebrating its golden anniversary, Durango, Colorado’s Iron Horse Bicycle Classic began with a bet between two brothers as to whether a train or road bike was the fastest way to get to Silverton. The bike won, spurring the founding of an event that in the ensuing 50 years has hosted nearly every type of cycling discipline— and helped launch a host of successful pro careers.

While riding his beloved hardtail, author Emlyn Lewis asked himself, “Am I really mountain biking right now?” In search of an answer, Lewis called on a host of industry insiders to help him work through his existential on-trail quandary.

When the local college in Poultney, Vermont, closed things looked bleak. But thanks to a few generous landowners and a concerned community the small town is now a thriving outdoor recreation destination with some of the best trails in the state.

British Columbia is well known as a freeride mecca, but this lush location has a long and deeply-rooted mountain bike culture that challenges our sport’s NorCal origin notions. Photographer (and Swede turned B.C. resident) Mattias Fredriksson examines what’s made Canada’s westernmost province so central to the progression of riding bikes in the woods.


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Profile: Bringing the Pepper
As the first Mexican to qualify for Red Bull Rampage, Johny Salido became an inspiration. Overcoming a possible career threating injury that same weekend made him a leader.

Chain Of Fools: A Mysterious Box and a Bright Red Bike
With visions of a new, bright red downhill bike and a fancy black Toyota Tacoma, Jen See dreams of reinventing herself as a highflying singletrack shredding extraordinaire.

Trail Anatomy: Lakeside, Montana’s Legacy Bike Park
This privately owned park has three giant shuttle trucks and a slew of rad trails. But you’ll need to bring a tent because there are no base-area hotels or restaurants, just a chill camping scene.

Outlaws: Creating Tangibles
A love of art has given painter Stephen Haynes a long-term outlet in the mountain bike world. He’s a bit eccentric, highly talented and chances are good you’ve seen his work before.

Tested: Evil Epocalypse eMTB

Tested: Santa Cruz Hightower 3

Tested: Moots Routt ESC

Wrenched: What’s Super Boost and Should You Care?
Time to debate Boost 148 versus Super Boost 157 rear hub spacing. Find out what it all means and which direction the industry—and possibly your next bike—is headed.

Framebuilder: Through the Spirit of Bikes
Alchemy Bikes founder Ryan Cannizzaro wanted to build a community around his brand. That’s why he moved his operation to Golden, Colorado, and invited you to come for a visit.

Tailwind: Beer and Ribs
We’ve all probably had at least one ride that ended so spectacularly it stuck forever. For Patrick Brady that took place in Memphis, Tennessee, while searching for the best ribs in town.


On the cover: Andreu Lacondeguy punches through winter snow in the Pyrenees. “It could be 75 degrees with sun then the next day you might have a foot of fresh snow covering everything,” says photographer Ale DiLullo. “Turns out it was too cold for Barcelona, Spain, native Andreu. He only lasted one winter living the mountain life. It was a lot of fun in the snow though.” [Photo] Ale DiLullo

Department contents: “We all have that favorite spot where we like to escape. This one is mine,” says Justa Jeskova. “It’s part of an annual hike-a-bike mission close to home where we continually find new views and rideable lines.” Steve Storey, Danny Martins and Rachel Chambers relish the goods at the top of the ridge. [Photo] Justa Jeskova

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