Mountain Flyer | Number 62

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[On the cover] Deep in Colorado's Elk Mountains, Dylan Stucki flows through a corridor of yellow and gold on a crisp late-September day. These fleeting moments of autumn high-country riding are always some of the best of the year. Joey Schusler


Our Land, Our Story
Photographer Carl Zoch makes a pictorial argument for the protection of public lands. This issue's photo essay—highlighting adventures in places like Bears Ears National Monument, the Pacific Northwest and his own Colorado backyard—shows Zoch's intention to become more educated about how to advocate for the places we love to ride.

Into the Maquis
Wild rosemary, myrtle, thyme and cork oak make up the Corsican maquis, and as writer Louise Lintilhac discovers, rallying this mountainous Mediterranean island's steep trails may be the best way to shake out the cobwebs after a long Vermont winter.

A Whole New World
Mountain biking is far from the minds of most people who live in Richmond, California, an industrial city in the Bay Area. But east of the city lies wide open space with singletrack woven through it, and thanks to the Richmond Composite high school mountain bike team, an unlikely group of young riders now holds the keys to this magic kingdom.

Chris Chance: The Time Is Now
Whether through his forward-thinking 1989 Yo Eddy, healing shiatsu body work, spirited marketing campaigns or the new titanium Yo Eddy, Chris Chance has an intuitive ability to connect with people and make their lives better.



Editor's Note

Jeff Lenosky

Trail Anatomy
Coler MTB Preserve, Arkansas

Chain of Fools
My Dirty Secret

Effecting Change
Women Shred

Of Bikes and Beer
Feeling the Bern

Spot Ryve 115 29

Pivot Mach 4 SL

Alchemy Arktos 29

Oveja Negra Portero


The Wrong Mountain

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