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Publish Date: July 2018


Endless Summer in Norway

Words and photos by Eric Mulder

During the summer months above the Arctic Circle, the sun virtually never sets. This, in theory, gives one unlimited time to shred.

A Bike and A Boat

Words by Lizzy Scully | Photos by Steve “Doom” Fassbinder

With innovations in packrafts over the last 18 years, the blue squiggly lines on a map are no longer deal-breaking obstacles when bikepacking. Today’s bikepackers now seek out rivers and bodies of water as possible travel corridors when planning big adventures.

Little Bellas — Of Grit and Growth

Words by Trina Ortega

Leaders and mentors in the Little Bellas program turn out strong, confident girls who also understand the importance of letting loose and playing when they hit the dirt. The Vermont-based nonprofit has been thoughtfully curated under the direction of Sabra Davison and now operates in 15 states with 36 programs.

No Buff Too Tough

Words and Images by California Travis

If you peruse the shelves at Ted’s Metal Polishing in Chico, Calif., you’ll see everything from duck calls, to Corvette valve covers, to airplane propellers … and lots of bike parts. Pretty, shiny bike parts.

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