Mountain Flyer | Number 51

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Publish Date: December 2016

On the Cover: Dustin Slaughter establishes the fastest known time down the highly recognizable staircase of Eureka Springs. image by Carl Zoch

Spine Quote
“In this nation of bleating sheep and braying jackasses, it then becomes an honor to be labeled curmudgeon.” –Edward Abbey

What’s Inside

Photo Essay: The Land of Oz - Lush, Lovely Arkansas. by Carl Zoch

A New High
Words by Anthony Nitti
Before he won the 100-mile Bailey Hundo, before he went 7:07 at Leadville, before he became a Strava phenomenon in his hometown of Carbondale, Colo., Dave Krimstock was a drug addict. Years of therapy, his role as a guidance counselor and a rekindled love of mountain biking have helped him reclaim a clean life.

Soaring With the Condors
Words and Images by Berne Broudy
Forty-six ecosystems from the Amazon, to the Andes, to the Galapagos; 14 active volcanoes; four World Heritage sites; the highest concentration of rivers per square mile; and the most biodiversity of any country are a few of Ecuador’s claims to fame. So is exceptional mountain biking.

Golden Brazil  
Words and Images by Antonio Abreu
The deeper Antonio Abreu rides into Brazil, the deeper he falls in love with the country. The people face political corruption, health risks and more, but they manage to find happiness among the challenge. It’s just one life lesson Antonio learns as he pedals through an unfamiliar landscape.

On a Wing and a Pedal
Words by Betsy Welch | Images by McKenzi Taylor
As a child, Megan Dean helped her dad with autobody repairs; as a teen she booked punk rock shows; and into adulthood, she was a bike courier in Los Angeles. As disparate as those jobs may seem, they have been key in Megan Dean giving flight to Moth Attack custom cycles.

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