Backcountry Magazine November 2012 - The Bad Issue

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Out of the Pocket
For 14 years as an NFL star quarterback, Drew Bledsoe led a double life. It's one that forced him to contract Lloyd's of London for a secret insurance policy. His problem, and one he didn't want the media in New England to know about? Skiing. "I'd go ski for 20 days a year and call it good," he tells author Brian Schott. "They were expensive ski days, but it wasn't something I was willing to give up. When I got to the NFL, I wasn't going to stop skiing—it's a big part of who I am." And now, in addition to owning a ski company, getting after it in the Montana backcountry is part of his program, too.

Breaking and Bad
As much as we dream, it's not all deep powder and blue sky in the backcountry. We go through a lot to get to the goods—broken gear, rotten snow (or none at all?), lame partners, bad decisions, etc. But in the end, it makes us stronger and smarter, right? Right? Here's our tribute to the bad, broken, crappy and downright miserable. In Breaking and Bad, we share stories, photos and essays from the crypt, the nine circles of hell, and the dirty underbelly of the backcountry—because we've all been there.


Poets among us.

Senior editor John Dostal ponders is this skiing?

Drew Bledsoe, first descents and The Earl of Sandwich.

Our readers bang on.

Our readers bang on.A really good partner.

Biff America
Boneheaded Behavior: They don't call him Biff for nothing.

Mr. Kingsley's Opus
Four days at Colorado's newest hut: the Ophir Pass Ultimate Ski.

Royal Alaska
Cruising Prince William Sound and the Chugach with the country's first boat-accessed touring outfit.

Big Bad Lines
Big Bad LinesThree big Canadian Rockies descents claimed in 2012.

Drama in Colorado's Tenmile Range
Breckenridge's Peak 6 development approved.

Lance's Lab
Glue Gone Goo.

Mountain Account
Remembering Chris and Steve, two of Jackson's most prolific skiers.

Mixing It Up
Backcountry brands vs. alpine brands. Things get spicy.

Any picture could be worth a thousand words. These are priceless.

Tried & New
The staff's gear: used and abused— and what they'd choose to replace it.

Back Page
The staff's gear: used and abused— and what they'd choose to replace it.The avalanche poodle gets revenge.

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